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Our Skincare Products and Facials treat skin with wrinkles and tissue slackening, acne scarring and discoloration, sun damage, dry and dehydrated skin, oily skin with blemish problems, sensitive skin, puffiness and tired eyes. You will definitely see a significant difference in your skin. For Best results we recommend using our products in a daily basis morning and night or as indicated on the bottle. For facials we recommend every month for best results.

Carmen Laines Skincare - Made in USA

For many years people have said that facial creams that Really worked on the appearance of your skin, came from Europe and could be bought at high priced beauty salons. In  other words, they claimed that a large percentage of facial products on the market do not meet the standards or quality claims.
We at Carmen Laines Skincare agreed and took action. We Elaborated what are known as "Extraordinary and Extremely effective Natural Creams", Now produced in Clovis, California And sold in many parts of North america, Mexico and the USA.
Said creams are formulated using the best ingredients possible Derived from natural fruits and plants which Provide the skin on your face with the Moisture contents and Hydration necessary to improve that youthful appearance, We all so desire.